We love our balls, and we care about yours. Our goal is to generate awareness around men’s health, spark conversation and social action, and help raise funds for testicular cancer initiatives—which can develop any time over the span of a man’s life! Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Did you know that almost half of all testicular cancer cases are in men between the ages of 20 and 34? Yes, it’s true—when you’re reveling in the days of young adulthood, your balls are at risk.

So we’ve decided to grab this issue by the short-and-curlies, and get the word out by getting our balls in everyone’s hands around the globe. By combining the world’s growing love of beards, with the space-age social magnetism of ping pong and beer pong, we created Beard Pong. This gives us a fantastic excuse to talk about the health of your balls, and you'll never have to use boring white ping pong balls again. We put hair on your balls! But really, we do.

Trust us. Once you hold, toss and smack our balls around, you’ll never go back. Oh, and you know that cool-ass-ball-sack you can purchase with each pair? Yeah, that turns into a wicked cool way to keep your favorite beverage icy cold. (You’re welcome.)

The truth is that this terrible disease doesn’t just affect men—it affects everybody in their lives, too. So girlfriends, wives, moms and sisters: show you care and inspect a pair. (Unless it’s your brother because that would be weird…maybe just give him a pamphlet instead?).



Buy a Pair. Save a Pair.  

We support men's health foundations.